'Archangel Raphael'

Allow me to leave you
with a vision, a greater
access to the Divine and a
more affective way to live.

As the Earth is swiftly
changing, a new Divine
tapestry is emerging
whereby you have the
opportunity to co-create
harmony and balance.
Within this co-creation
you are remodeling your
reality, home, and world
and because it's under
construction, there is
chaos, but remember that
out of chaos, emerges
new Creation.
Be assured that I am
aware of each one of you,
no matter where you are
in the world; there are
important events taking
place, and no matter the
circumstances you find
yourself in at this time,
you can be Light, by
allowing the Essence of
Love flow through you.
You can create a sacred
space within your
environment. Listen to
your inner guidance,
follow your intuition, and
you will be led to many
wondrous places.
As this Earth is once
more becoming a Sacred
Planet, become a Sacred
Representative of our
Believe in yourself as I
believe in you, and
together we will
accomplish great things,
together we can create a
peaceful world.
You are loved beyond
'Archangel Raphael'

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path move your questing spirit
Your message for the week

hildren are full of promise, and
you naturally wish to nurture
and support them in their efforts
to reach their full potential.
However, you can develop at
any age. Find the promise within
yourself and apply the same
kind of care to your own
development as you would to
that of a child, it is never too late
for further growth.
In Love and Light