" The Bent Tree Still Grows."
by Robert Hatch
A story of this realm and the next.
In this story it is the hope that it
will turn on a light for at least
one individual seeking to know
that God is real.

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You are Sacred"
by Monica Ruth Hatch
In this workbook you will find
yourself on a
journey that focuses on
self-awareness and
understanding for those who
would look beyond
conventional medicine by
utilizing the art of
healing through physical and

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"The Blessing of the Seven
by Robert K. Hatch and
Monica Ruth

This book is a story of
relationships; the relationship
of the authors with regard to
their connection to rivers, the
relationship of human
civilization to rivers, water in
general, and the relationship
of humans to God through

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Purely Good, Purely Evil
by Robert K. Hatch

This realistic, historic,
futuristic, prophetic, basic,
graphic, romantic,
humanistic, spiritualistic; this
story expresses a spectrum of
reality whose breadth
encompasses extremes of
good to evil which include
both the visible and the
invisible realms. Ultimately,
all will be resolved by the
Most High Consciousness!

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"The Bent Tree Still Grows"

Page 111

Aldon began to hear a voice in his
ears but it did not appear to
coincide with formations on the
speaker's face and mouth, which
were in speech like movement. This
would be something else to ask
Celius about later. The voice began,
" I am Paranesius and I wish to
congratulate you and welcome your
arrival as new ascenders of the
Father's realm. Your journey to the
center of The All began at the
circumference of the All on your
homes of origin and by design
progress inward to His light of lights.

"You are Sacred"

Page 51

As I reflected on the music
selection I heard that night I
recognized that I did like it
because it was still Neil. It was still
his own style and creativity at
work. How courageous of him to
create new music which addresses
new and current issues. His old
music was loved, in part, because
of the timely messages they
conveyed. He was still a musical
messenger and therefore placed a
greater emphasis on that core
truth about himself, regardless of
the uncertainty of the audience
reaction. He drew upon the
wisdom in his past music as a
foundation for the new music.

The Blessing of the Seven

Page 41

Our drumming ended when our
visions ceased and a sense of
"completion" enveloped us. We
sprinkled tobacco on the water
and sat a few minutes with our
visions, then recorded them.

Wildlife: Numerous birds flew
about chirping during our time.
While setting up we spotted a
green frog nearby sitting on the
shore looking out over the water.
At the conclusion of our drumming
we looked up to see a hawk flying
overhead, and, the frog was still
with us and was now facing our

Purely Good, Purely Evil
page 28

'Oh no!' She cried out mentally. Her
fear mounted with each sound she
attributed to the trackers.
Desperate, she prayed silently:
'All the gods of all the days, gods
of the world above who have
created everything, please, I
beseech you, do not let this day be
the last for me and my innocent
child!' Poj persisted in her
motionless pose and Pi continued
nursing. Barely a minute had
passed since her plea when a new
sound stirred the forest
surrounding her shelter. The its
source showed itself outside the
opening in the tree; wind. A gust of
air had invaded the forest stillness
causing leaves to quive and fall,
branches to sway and creak, and
dust devils to churn the debris of
the forest floor. Then, silence. Poj
was puzzled by this brief flurry of
trubulence but also hopeful. She
no longer saw the tell-tale
evidence of her presence outside.
She held her position, kept as
silent as she could and listened
intensely for the approach of her