Oftentimes, news of terminal illness makes one
examine their life, and feelings of guilt and the
need for forgiveness may need to be addressed.
As a result, people with terminal illnesses may
wish to complete any "unfinished business"
they may feel the have. A family member may
not feel equipped to deal with these matters, as
they may have spiritual questions and
uncertainties of their own. This leads to the
question of who best can meet the spiritual
needs of a terminally ill person or family member.

As an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, I accompany
you on your personal and spiritual journey.
Whether you have lost a loved one or are in the
midst of life changing circumstances, your
intuition and your authentic self await to guide
you through. I will help you discover, tune into
and listen to both, and to gently and  
compassionately make room for what is.

Grief Intuitive Consultations
Grief is often an uncomfortable topic in our
discussions with others. Not only is it difficult to
lose a loved one, but feeling adequately
supported during times of loss can also be
challenging and disappointing. Are you
struggling to move forward in your life and heal
from the loss of a loved one, and/or do you
know someone feeling overwhelmed and
confused in his/her grief?

My grief consultation will help grieving people
learn tools to lighten their grief, connect with
their departed loved ones, and see their
purpose for still being on this earth.

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