I consider myself as a gifted intuitive vibration energy reader. In gratitude to
the Creator I am compelled to share these gifts with others.

If you are looking for someone to predict the future
then I am not for you.
My purpose is to give you a glimpse of the Divine mind that is not constrained
by time, therefore doesn't recognize past, present, or future. Crossing the
boundary of time is open to choice as it creates awareness. I value the present
moment because it's where awareness can be focused. You understand as the
receiver that your experiences in the moment are based on the decisions you
made yesterday. This can create movement and action for a better future.

One on One Intuitive Vibration Energy Readings in person, the client reclines,
fully clothed on the equivalent of a massage table, while I simply perform
healing touch
during a period of silence. I then relate the information received during the
touch. That is followed by a dialogue of questions and responses.
In Person 30 minutes @$50

In person 60 minutes @ $70

In Person 90 minutes @ $90

Long distance Intuitive Vibration Energy Readings via
phone; I start my own preperation fifteen minutes before the appointment
by identifiying what I am getting from the person's name. Then, during
the call itself I continue tapping into your vibration and energy followed by
dialogue of questions and responses.
15 minutes $30

30 minutes $45

45 minutes $55
60 minutes $60                   

Tip or Donation

Long distance Intuitive Vibration Energy Reading via email; I start my own
preparation by identifying what I get from person's questions. Then, during
that session I continue tapping into the vibration and energy of person. Open
dialogue of questions and responses until we agree enough information was
received for this session. Email session is $50

My one-stop-writing-services provides you with custom made letters specially
written based on your specifications. These custom written products include:

Poetry for special occasions:
* Birthday
* Anniversary
* Wedding
* Graduation
* Funeral
* Illness/Get Well
* New Job
* Promotion
* Retirement
* Birth
Four or more rhyming lines highlighting a special event or person.
*1 Stanza (4 - 6 lines)* the cost will be:
7 days or more service $5.00 per stanza 50 cents for each additional line
5 days service               $7.00 per stanza 50 cents for each additional line
4 days service               $9.00 per stanza 50 cents for each additional line
3 days service               $11.00 per stanza 50 cents for each additional line
2 days service               $13.00 per stanza 50 cents for each additional line
1 day service                 $15.00 per stanza 50 cents for each additional line

My Specialty: Communication emphasizing intuitive, aesthetic or empowering
messages which convey empathy, encouragement, vision. These are writings
targeted to the heart of ones audience and, at their best, impart the greatest
understanding employing the fewest words.

Inspirational Letters or Speeches, to groups regarding:
* Achievement
* Visionary Goal (vision)
* Mission Statement
* Focus Groups
* Reassurance
* Change, such as: Objectives/direction, leadership/personnel,
environment/conditions, location/facilities, other.
Letters to groups typically organized around a common objective of social
cultural or commercial endeavor with the intent to communicate efficiently,
affectively and compassionately an events passing, arrival or desire.

At 250 words per page singled spaced* the cost will be:
7 days or more service $10.00 per page
5 days service               $12.00 per page
4 days service               $14.00 per page
3 days service               $16.00 per page
2 days service               $20.00 per page
1 day service                 $25.00 per page

For more information call me at 507-467-2422
or go to

The spiritual journey of each person is
unique, with infinite choices. This One on
One Retreat can be highly rewarding because
it allows the individual to focus on the goal
of becoming well on all levels of their being.

This Retreat with Monica includes:
One hour Intuitive Vibration Energy Reading
Making of Prayer Ties
Organic Lunch
Releasing Ceremony in Nature
Available during May - October (only)
COST:  $150
Awaken  Develop  and Trust your
Intuitive Self
6 weeks course
Everyone is intuitively gifted...yes,
that means you! This 6 weeks course
promises to be a journey of
exploration and discovery. This
unique gathering is designed to
ignite the natural intuitive gifts
within each person just waiting to be
awakened and developed. Learn to
tap into your own inner guidance as
well as the wisdom and love of Spirit
in a safe and supportive environment.
You will know about the function of
the seven main chakras. You will
learn how to work with energy. How
to set boundaries and protect
yourself. How does Spirit
communicate. Developing your
psychic abilities. Medium ship and

Cost: $250 for 6 classes


Some will say, “Why would I undertake this journey of
discovering my past life? I am already overwhelmed with
the issues of this life, why would I add more to deal

Past life regression gives us the gifts that further the
spirit’s quest for consciousness, existence, self-discovery,
and enlightenment.
For instance, it may lead you to richer, more fulfilling
relationships. Understanding the lives we may have
shared with these people can give us insight into our
purpose together, what lessons we can learn with them,
and how we may support them.  It can even explain
‘recognizing’ people we have not met before, and having
an immediate positive or negative response to them.
The ability to view our patterns of behavior over
lifetimes, not just decades, gives us greater clarity about
our character and a more honest, objective assessment of
ourselves. By regressing to past lives, it helps us to see
what we want to change, and what we want to nurture in
ourselves, with our goal of personal growth.
Viewing past lives can help us gain understanding about
certain blocks, or fears in this life time. While cleaning
up any issues carried over from other lifetimes, we can
also focus on building strengths for the future.
In person session only 60 minutes @ $70
Spiritual Cleaning of your Home
Ready to embrace 'new beginnings'?
Are you constantly stressed because
you can't get organized, no matter
how hard you try? Do you ever feel
as if you are drowning in a sea of
stuff? Are you frustrated because
you are always running behind? Do
you feel dis-connected? If so, this
service is designed to guide those
who are seeking greater awareness
and integration of the self by taking
a few steps towards a better
organized and clutter free life and
create your own Feng Shui.
This service includes:
*Tools on how to de-clutter
*Spiritual cleanses each room; this
includes closing of any negative
*Assist you with identifying each
room and its purpose.
* Creating your own Feng Shui
according to your vibration and
energy by choosing the right colors.
*Blessing of your home

In Person 2 hour session @$150

Phone Session $100