To Be Well in the Workplace

Alternative workplace wellness is more than a lunch and
learn program. It’s about taking care of employees in an
alternative way to establish a positive work environment
where each worker understands their relationship and
value to each other, to their department and to the
company as a whole. An alternative wellness program can
impact the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual
well-being of each employee. Helping people better
understand themselves is part of the process as self-
knowledge further enables good coworker relations.

Employees participating in alternative wellness programs
are more able to offer their employers:
•        Increased awareness of ways to improve their own
personal well-being.
•        Higher functioning and less stressful work habits and
co-worker interactions.
•        Higher morale, expanded problem solving skills and
greater employment satisfaction.
•        Increased productivity and effectiveness at work.

Workshop Structure:
Building blocks are introduced which will form the internal
foundation for each person by which they can discover
their own personal body-mind-spirit connection:

Breathing Meditation:
This simple, effective meditation method will help each
person become more centered within; be more focused.
This state of being facilitates problem solving and decision
making. It can even assist the individual answer life’s big
questions, (Who am I? Where am I going? etc.) It is a
pathway to a deeper, healthier self.

Circle Process:
This is a “gathering format” which introduces people to the
•        New ways of being together.
•        Creation of a safe, respectful environment where
speaking from the heart is encouraged to unleash the best
traits and the most skills in each participant.
•        Allows participants to experience both themselves
and others differently.
•        Affords resolutions to conflict that most likely would
not have occurred through more conventional methods.
•        Often illustrates that conflicts can be doorways to
deep change and healing.
•        Physical objects or inspirational messages on
objects are often distributed to all participants to create
greater personal and tactile engagement.

Metaphors toward Communication:
Metaphors help us think in ways that are not typical or
habitual for most of us yet are highly creative, out-of-the-
box, transcendent and therefore offer perspectives of
greater scope. Metaphors engage the right brain, the
holistic, intuitive and relational side of our mind rather than
the left side which tends toward linear, patterned and
concrete thinking. While both brain capabilities have roles
in living life the powers we need for healing, transforming
and liberating ourselves and our relationships are more
effectively accessed through metaphors fed by the right
brain. Metaphors expand communication capabilities

These workshops are energized and shaped by the
involvement of all participants. The “circle process”
assures this by the nature of its design. All voices are
encouraged and are given time and opportunity to be
heard, increasing participation and effectiveness toward
full expression of the group’s aggregate capacity on
whatever idea, situation or task is before them.

How a workshop is created:
When I am given a specific workplace theme or issue that
needs attention I develop an action plan that addresses it
using a strategy of subjective or alternative pathways, as
exemplified above, to give employees tools for success
and fulfillment through a balanced vision of work life placed
in the proper perspective of all of life. I engage participants
through interactive activities that utilize multiple senses (e.
g. voice, sound, touch, vision, smell). Together these
create a deeper understanding of relationship at all levels.

For more information contact:

Groups of 5 but not to exceed 12 people is required.
Any workshops are a minimum of 2 hours.
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