Sacred drumming
Sacred messages
Drumming is traditional being used in sacred rituals and
ceremonies for many years within tribal cultures.
Today more drumming circles are gathering into the western

Most of us know that the Earth vibrates, this vibration of
Mother Earth matches with the beat of the drum.

My experience of the drum circle is that the energy of the
circle depends on the energy of the surroundings. The more
energy the better, this energy combined with the vibration of
the drum is transformed into harmonized and positive
energy. As you experience relaxation and stress relief as
you are guided through a session of rhythmical harmony.
The wisdom of the ancients and our own intuition tells us
that this rhythm makes us feel better and more alive. The
drum therapy brings that intuition into a practical, enjoyable
and therapeutic experience.

I started leading a drum circle a week before an event that
changed the world.
I heard this little voice saying you have to DRUM
up some people and start drumming for Peace only.
I wasn't sure why but it felt that I had to listen to that voice.
Today I certainly understand the importance of that
message, it brings people together in harmony.

While continuing drum circles I discovered how powerful
drumming with intention really is.
Intention is created when we open ourselves up to become
one with spirit.
While we drum sacred messages are communicated to us.
These messages can give us clarity to any issues we are
dealing with in our lives.

No musical ability is required or needed.
We acknowledge that our drums are living beings and as
such are treated with gentleness and respect as we do with
ourselves and others.
We drum together with a sense of freedom that unites us
with a common beat.

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Drum Therapy With Monica Ruth

Drumming therapy taps into all layers of the human
Studies have shown that repetitive drumming
changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm
and focused awareness.

“Rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe
revolves in rhythm. Every thing and every human
action revolves in rhythm.”
By: Babatunde Olatunji

The Essence of Movement and Wellness.

While the foundations of wellness are different to
each one of us, when it comes to our basic needs,
we share things in common. Physical, emotional and
spiritual are the components of the well being of an
individual are inseparable.

Recently wellness has come to a new meaning,
feeling as good as one can feel regardless of what is
going on in life. This new interpretation of wellness
is reflected in a shift from medical professional
control and management to individuals assumed
responsibility for feeling good.
To a great extent, the lifestyle that we choose will
certainly be reflected in the future we create. For
health is not a goal, it is a journey throughout our
lifetime. These choices can lead us on a path of
personal discovery where the elements that have
special meaning for us become the building blocks
for creating a balanced and healthy life.

Drumming therapy is a holistic approach, it shifts the
focus and awareness to all levels of energy and
vibration and profound healing will take place.

Individual drumming therapy:
It awakens dormant emotions and unexplainable
feelings of excitement and peace. It decreases
depression, anxiety, stress, and it will boost immune
system. This therapy is great for those who feel stuck
in their lives.

Group drumming therapy:
It breaks down social barriers, promotes freedom of
expression, non-verbal communication, unity and
Group drumming is done in circle, where we will use
metaphors and sit in circle.

The value of circle format:
•        Shared leadership, equality, by placing
everyone in a circle minimizes structural distinctions
between “teach” and “learner” it sets a tone of equal
•        Connection, the circle links all participants with
one another encouraging a sense of shared effort or
common purpose.
•        Breathing, we will start with some breathing
techniques this will help with any anxieties.

Utilizing metaphors allows us to think more creatively
about things and for some using this method insight
might be revealed never thought possible.

No matter how the Therapeutic drumming is done,
whether in-group, such as corporate, school, women
circles, or individual this fun-filled approach offers
these and other benefits:
•        Stress-reduction
•        An increase in natural killer cells that fight
cancer and viruses
•        Increases our natural immunity
•        A powerful experience of connection amongst
group members
•        An opportunity to express emotions in a safe
and supportive environment
•        A fun way to relax, release and re-juvenate your
mind, body and soul!

I am available to facilitate Drum Therapy at drug and
alcohol treatment centers, well-ness centers and any
private groups.

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