Code of Professional Ethics & Conduct

Clients relationships

  • . My motivation is a desire to provide compassionate, clear, helpful services to each
    person who requests my professional assistance.
  • I provide clients with information that is truthful and complete.
  • I endeavor to serve the best interest of my clients at all times and to provide the
    highest quality services possible.
  • I cultivate understanding, ability, and personal empowerment in my clients.
  • I maintain the confidential relationship between my clients and myself.
  • I acknowledge the limitations of my skills. When necessary, I refer clients to other
    appropriate, qualified professionals.


  • The goal of any consultation, class, or workshop is to increase clarity, balance,
    harmony, and compassion.
  • I provide myself with any education and/or personal support I need to do my work
    with clarity, compassion, respect , and harmony.
  • I know the clarity of my insights can be clouded by my judgments, beliefs, stress
    level, and unfulfilled emotions. I am willing to recognize and clarify my own errors in
    perception and understanding.
  • I am respectful of my client's time.
  • I inform all clients of my fees prior to beginning their first session.

Additional services

  • When offering additional service during a session, I do this in a way that empowers
    my client to make their own informed choice.
  • I refrain from obtaining clients through false, misleading, or deceptive methods.
  • I do not seek to obtain clients through any method that plays on fears, concerns, or